Strategic Plan

Iowa School Nurse Organization Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Updated 7/8/15
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“The Iowa School Nurse Organization supports school nurses in the delivery of health services designed to improve the health and academic success of children.”

Strategic Plan Goals


Goal 1: ISNO will promote school nurse professional practice, development and advancement.


  1. Keep members informed about nursing trends, initiatives and issues.
  2. Provide quality continuing educational opportunities using a variety of teaching methods.
  3. Promote National Certification of School Nurses by providing information at conferences, newsletter, and website.
  4. Encourage utilization of educational scholarships and recognition of school nurses.
  5. Promote appropriate evaluation that meets school nurse standards.
  6. Support mentoring of new school nurses.


Goal 2: ISNO will promote research to validate, enhance and improve the practice of the professional school nurse.


  1. Continue collaboration with various professional organizations, including NASN, to promote school nursing research.
  2. Incorporate evidence based practice through continuing education offerings, newsletters, websites, and conferences.
  3. Support state/national efforts to develop state-wide data collection systems.

Public Policy

Goal 3: ISNO will influence the development of educational and health policy at the local, state, and national levels.


  1. Pursue efforts to implement a nurse to student ratio that meets student health needs.
  2. Support legislative committee to influence legislation related to school nursing and student health issues.
  3. Collaborate with other professional organizations with similar interests.

Professional Visibility

Goal 4: ISNO will increase the visibility and image of the professional school nurse in the school and community.


  1. Promote ISNO representation at health and education related conferences and events.
  2. Partner with other professional organizations with similar interests.
  3. Promote recognition of school nurses at state and national levels.


Goal 5: ISNO will provide, promote, and develop leadership among Iowa school nurses.


  1. Organize and promote annual school nurse spring conference.
  2. Provide networking opportunities for Iowa school nurses
  3. Encourage involvement in leadership activities.

Financial Stability

Goal 6: ISNO will demonstrate fiscal responsibility.


  1. Operate from an annual budget.


Goal 7: ISNO will be structured and governed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in advancing its mission.


  1. Enhance communication with Iowa School Nurses through networking efforts.
  2. Utilize the policy and procedure manual.
  3. Evaluate the structure and operations of the organization on a routine basis.


Goal 8: Maintain and increase membership.


  1. Create the infrastructure to grow membership.
  2. Continue active communication with members regarding membership status.
  3. Encourage membership of other stakeholders to enhance collaboration efforts.